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We have over 40 years of combined experience in the business of supplying speakers and experts for companies and events so,

  • We understand how time-consuming and frustrating it can be to try and find the right people for your events – that person who has the right combination of talent and delivery to engage your audience and take them on a journey from the moment they stand up to the time they sit down again.
  • We understand how hard it can be to judge what they are like with only a website and, if you’re lucky, few YouTube videos to judge them by and, even worse, middle men trying to sell them hard to get their cut.
  • We've seen the panic caused by those non-professionals who drop out at last minute, costing you your marketing efforts and credibility among your peers as you have to find more budget to repair the damage and cover the costs of a replacement while you try and get back any money paid upfront
  • We understand how frustrating it is trying to go directly only to be blocked by the unscrupulous who only serve to drive up costs, create confusion and cause time delays while playing on your panic and fears to justify why you should use them
  • We've listened to the frustration of not receiving proper contracts to give you peace of mind that they will appear, leaving you with sleepless night worrying if they will turn up at all!
  • We know how futile it can be complaining when you've booked direct leaving you with little or no room for recompense or being able to alert others to the bad practices accept by word of mouth.


That's why...          

That’s why we have invested large amounts of time and money developing iwantaspeaker.com, to make this process as painless as possible, from short-listing potential speakers, through booking and briefing them, all the way to paying them, with the assurance that your money is safeguarded until you provide feedback on their performance.


We Provide you with... 

the tools you need at every stage of the process to ensure your investment is protected:

  • Comprehensive search capabilities to identify and short-list potential speakers, trainers or consultants, with history, so you can see who you've previously looked at
  • Detailed profiles, so you can understand their expertise and delivery style, with links to external content to learn more about them
  • Team logins with the ability to engage directly with your chosen experts and get a feel for them as people
  • Ability to create your own private areas that are dedicated to the events
  • Online agreements that are simple and transparent
  • Contract generation even if they are attending for no cost
  • Budgeting and payment tracking
  • Checklists and guides
  • Dashboards, statistics and back-office information, so you can see how your teams and events are performing
  • History, so you can keep track of your previous search and other activities
  • Dispute resolution in the event of issues
  • An online Review section so you can see 'all' previous remarks.


We help you to protect your investment,  
because that's how we grow our business

We provide you with the tools you need at every stage of the process to ensure success and you can be safe in the knowledge that you will always have the same great rate of only a flat 5% fee per Booking, and even then, we've set a capped limit so you'll never go too high while always getting the best rate!. And, if the booking has no fee, then there is no charge!

If you know the speaker you want but they are not on here, ask them to join.  Any speaker or direct agents would be happy to register, knowing and understanding you are wanting to retain control of your investment.  Don't be bullied, get protected.


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