I want a speaker

I Am A Speaker

  We Understand: 


  • We understand the challenges you face as a speaker because we've been there, done that and got the T-Shirt!
  • We know how time consuming it can be to get yourself out there on the Internet and Social Media and to keep all this activity going, so the Search Engines find you
  • We understand what it takes to prepare yourself for a gig and how unwelcome the distractions of admin etc are
  • We know how using off the peg software can't always do the whole job
  • We also know what it's like when a bureau wants their pound of flesh and sometimes their margin prices you out of a job, or you have to take a hit on your rate to stay competitive.


That's precisely why...

we have invested in iwantaspeaker.com - to remove those headaches and distractions and allow you to spend time building your business and doing what you love - the stuff that puts bread on the table.



    We provide you with...    

the tools you need at every stage of the process to ensure success:

  • Comprehensive search capabilities so you can be found quickly for your areas of expertise
  • Detailed profiles, so you can present you expertise and delivery style, with links to external content to showcase yourself
  • The ability to engage directly with potential clients, so you can demonstrate your capabilities
  • Communities and Forums on areas of expertise, where you can answer questions and give advice, or stay engaged with your audiences before and after events
  • Ability to create your own private areas that are dedicated to the events, so you can share your content and build additional business
  • Calendar functions to schedule your events and synchronise with your mobile device
  • Online agreements that are simple and transparent
  • Budgeting and payment tracking
  • Dashboards, statistics and back-office information, so you can see how your profile and events are performing
  • Dispute resolution in the event of issues


 We're only interested in your total satisfaction,
because that's how we grow our business

As a Speaker, you can be safe in the knowledge that your clients will always have the same great rate of only a flat 5% fee per Booking, capped at £5,000 per engagement!  Which ever is the least. And, if the booking has no fee, then there is no charge!


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